To Anyone Who is Passionate About Helping Future Entrepreneurs

As you may know, the mission of Entrepreneurial Leap is to help one million entrepreneurs-in-the-making get a huge jump-start on taking their entrepreneurial leap, while greatly increasing their odds of success.

I plan to accomplish that mission in two ways:

  1. By putting great content out into the world, through videos, articles, free tools, and of course the book Entrepreneurial Leap
  2. By joining forces with collaborators. A collaborator is any organization or individual who helps, teaches, and guides entrepreneurs-in-the-making, be it teachers, professors, organizations, or mentors.

The business model is to work with collaborators to help your cause and to make you even more of a hero to your audience.  It is a totally open source and abundance-based approach to the world. I give you my content for free -there are no contracts, and no money exchanges hands. And in return I ask that you give credit where credit is due.

If you or anyone you know would be a great fit for this mission, and is looking for more great content to share, contact us to begin the conversation about becoming a collaborator. Please click here, which is the collaborator section on our website, or watch this video

Stay focused,