Here Is the Perfect Business to Start Right Now…

I thought that would get your attention.

People often ask, “What is a good business to start right now?” I can’t help but get a little frustrated by this question.

The intent of this article is to help. I promise, even though I’m starting with a rant.

These people are looking for an easy answer, and there isn’t one.

Truth be told, the perfect business to start right now is a different answer for everyone.

The perfect business for you is the one that fits with what you are drawn to, are built for, and have passion for.

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Now, let’s assume you’ve picked the perfect business for you. That is one percent of the work. The real work now begins, the other 99 percent.

Do you really have what it takes to become an entrepreneur?

If I had told you one year ago that video conferencing would be a great business to get into because there would be a 1,000 percent increase in users, would you have started a video conferencing business? And would you have succeeded? And if everyone had gotten into the video conferencing business last year, 99.9 percent would be out of business due to supply and demand.

So, let’s get real.

The reality is that the perfect business you start today is going to change and evolve tomorrow.

In the history of business, there have always been things that change and things that don’t. What changes are products/services and methods of communication. Twenty-five years ago, you’d have been selling flip phones and marketing through fax machines. Twenty-five years from now, you might be selling trips to Mars and marketing by beaming into people’s brains.

What doesn’t change is that people have wants and needs and you’ll always have to persuade them. So, a good entrepreneur pays close attention to those needs and creates businesses, products, and services that provide customers and clients tremendous value.

On another note, most successful businesses that start are not revolutionary. Let’s take an existing business, landscaping. You can start and build an amazing and successful residential landscaping company this year if you love working outdoors, desire a service business, and prefer business to consumer (B2C) selling.

So, the point isn’t knowing what is a good business to get into right now. The point is deciding the right business for you and then knowing that 99 percent of your success will be in the execution. Execution means marketing, selling and delivering your product/service, surviving multiple setbacks, battling competition, wowing demanding customers and clients, hiring great people, surviving the start-up phase, and solving multiple problems a day.

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Stay focused,



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