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“True entrepreneurs don’t chase becoming an ‘entrepreneur’. They instead chase their ideas and dreams and work hard to make them a reality. And as a by-product, they are considered entrepreneurs.”

This is not a pass/fail test. It is an assessment. The higher you score, the more likely you are an entrepreneur-in-the-making. A good rule of thumb is a score of 90% probability or higher.

The Entrepreneurial Range

Low Range (less than 90%)
Understand that if you don’t have the fundamental traits required, it’s okay not to become an entrepreneur. A lower score on the entrepreneurial range might still mean being self-employed is a strong option for you; it may be in the form of a lifestyle business, independent contractor, freelancer, or a one-person show.

High Range (90% or higher)
The definition of an entrepreneur is someone who sees a need or an opportunity and then takes a risk to start a business to fulfill it. So, you’ve taken the assessment and you’re confident that you have what it takes to start your own business, now what?

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