Co-Founder and Co-CEO of imageONE, Rob Dube, talks about the many challenges that come at you when you’re an entrepreneur.

There have been many times when he questioned his business, the industry, his passion, the people. It’s easy to do during scary times, like when losing a client, or just recently when Covid struck the world.   

Rob recalls asking himself, “what am I doing this for?”  Despite all this, for Rob, the pros have outweighed the cons.    

In Entrepreneurial Leap I paint a very detailed picture of the life of an entrepreneur. Everyone starts out their entrepreneurial journey with great intentions and an anticipation of living the entrepreneurial dream. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs are living a nightmare at the other end of the spectrum. 

The good news is, this is a cautionary tale, and completely avoidable!  

Watch the video to learn how Rob avoids living the entrepreneurial nightmare and keeps his focus on the things he loves about being an entrepreneur.