Popular Leap Lessons to Help You Discover Your Passion

When taking your entrepreneurial leap you have two options…

  • Option one: spend the next ten years of your life working on something you couldn’t care less about.
  • Option two: spend the next ten years working on something you’re passionate about.

Which option seems better to you?

Option two is the obvious choice, which is why I focus so much of my content on helping you discover your passion. I’m determined to convince you that it’s possible to build a business around your passion.

The Power of Passion

Building a business around something you have a deep passion for will be one of the main reasons you’ll succeed. It’s what will get you through the tough times, past the roadblocks, and over the barriers. Passion gives you superhuman strength and unlimited energy.

Let’s take a look at the top Leap Lessons that will help you to discover your passion.

  1. How to Find Your Passion – You’ve got to figure out your reason for being, why you exist. You might already know it, which would be great, but if not, that’s okay. You have plenty of time. Apply the tips in this article to give you a light bulb moment.
  2. Answer 3 Questions to Discover Your Passion – Learn an exercise that helped me years ago – 3 questions that, once answered, will give you great insight into what drives you.
  3. What’s the Number 1 Ingredient for Entrepreneurial Success? – Why is passion such a vital part of entrepreneurial achievement? Learn how passion keeps you in the fight for success.
  4. The Path to Discovering Your Purpose – Learn how my soul-searching journey altered the course of my business and life.

Read, watch, and apply the above tips to help you sort through any confusion you may have about your passion or purpose, and discover what you were placed on this earth to do.