CEO of Sachse Construction, Todd Sachse, talks about his own entrepreneurial leap and how he found a business he is passionate about.

From the age 16, Todd started off in the cleaning business. He thought he was going to be in the cleaning business throughout his entire entrepreneurial career, having aspirations of becoming the next Molly Maid. It was his thing. To his surprise, he ended up learning to hate the business.

Finally, in 1989 Todd decided to leave the cleaning business and follow a passion he discovered while managing student rental properties. While he considered himself handy, not skilled, Todd was drawn to this type of work and set off to start his own construction company.

For Todd, the construction business was a breath of fresh air, full of opportunity. Everything associated with the business was appealing to him. From the different types of people he encounters to the need for daily problem solving, Todd loves the energy and pacing of the construction business which motivates his own passion for the business.