Holding Yourself Accountable as a Start-up Entrepreneur

Accountability is a key ingredient to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Once you’ve clarified your vision and begin implementing your plan, the next step is to track your progress. 

As soon as possible, identify the three most important numbers you must hit every week to achieve your annual goals. Every business has them. These are the three numbers that, if hit on a weekly basis, will enable you to achieve your one-year plan. 

In your first year, these three numbers will almost always be sales- and marketing-related, because that is the lifeblood of all businesses. Examples of marketing and sales numbers are: 

  • number of visitors to your website
  • number of followers
  • number of clicks
  • number of phone calls
  • number of appointments or meetings
  • number of referrals
  • number of sales closed
  • revenue generated for the week

Decide which three numbers are most important. Which ones, if you hit them every week, will ensure your new company’s success? Then track those numbers weekly and make sure they are hit. If you hit them, celebrate. If you don’t, figure out how to make it up by next week.

Next Steps

Take time right now to write down the three numbers that are most important for you to hit every week in order to reach your goals.