There’s an entire chapter in Entrepreneurial Leap dedicated to finding your passion, because it’s so important.

If I were to teach one thing it would be you’ve got to find your passion, purpose, cause, or your why – whatever you want to call it. This thing that absolutely drives you to be successful is the number one reason you will survive as an entrepreneur.

You get your ass kicked so many times on this entrepreneurial journey, you must have absolute belief in what you are doing in order to survive the multiple times you will get knocked down.

There are various ways to discover your passion. In this week’s video Leap Lesson I share an exercise that helped me years ago, and I hope it will help you too.

Watch the video to learn 3 questions that, once answered, will give you great insight into what drives you.


How to Find Your Passion

Once you’ve decided to take the leap to start your own business, your success will largely depend on whether or not your business is centered around something you are deeply

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