Start a Better Start-up

As you may have noticed, there’s an obsession in the media with billion-dollar tech unicorn start-ups. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t been inspired by television shows such as Shark Tank and Silicon Valley or movies such as The Social Network and TV and cinema love to glamorize a fast track to entrepreneurship. It’s no surprise that that level of media exposure has influenced many to want to take the entrepreneurial leap to try to become a tech billionaire.

Frankly, this is dangerous thinking for many entrepreneurs-in-the-making.

I wrote Entrepreneurial Leap to show you a different and more effective approach to becoming the entrepreneur that you are meant to be and, in the end, help you start a better start-up. We’ll accomplish this by reshaping what you think you know about entrepreneurship, based on what you’ve seen and heard in the press.

Get ready to take a big step back to gain clarity about what business you are built for and how you should build it.

Your AHA Moment

It’s refreshing when a reader has their “aha” moment about the business they want to build, with no outside pressures. For example, if you discover that you want to build a $3 million heating and cooling company, I say hallelujah! Because you’re about to build the business you were born—and want—to build.

Take a moment to imagine the following:

  • You’ve confirmed and are reassured that you really have what it takes to become an entrepreneur
  • You’ve explored every business option and are confident in the business that is a perfect match for you
  • You have a crystal-clear vision of how to move forward
  • And you’re aware of common mistakes to avoid in advance, which will greatly increase your odds of success

Everything I just asked you to imagine is possible. Keep reading to learn how to get it.

Your Roadmap to Success

The best steps you can take in the early stages of taking a leap to build your business are all about action, moving forward, and gaining knowledge and experiences. The Entrepreneurial Leap content is designed to guide you through those steps and help you bring your dream to fruition.

If you know you have what it takes, know the best business that you’re built for and have a clear vision of who, what, where and how you’re going to get there, you will ultimately start a better start-up.

Get started on your journey today by completing these three steps:

  1. Create your 1-2-3 Roadmap to help you start a better start-up: Whether you work individually to create your 1-2-3 Roadmap in just one hour or you join a group of like-minded individuals for a 3-week Virtual Leap Workshop, these three tools will give you tremendous clarity, confidence and motivation to take your entrepreneurial leap, as many of our readers have told us.
  2. Read and subscribe to my Leap Lessons: My weekly Leap Lessons are designed to help you get started and keep going. The road to entrepreneurship is hard, really hard. My Leap Lessons will support and encourage you along your journey. Click here to subscribe.
  3. Buy Entrepreneurial Leap: Dive deeper into the content that will help you avoid the eight critical mistakes most start-ups make, as well as offer you many disciplines and insights to greatly increase your odds of success. Furthermore, learn and understand the nine stages of building your business. Click here to purchase Entrepreneurial Leap on Amazon.

Whether you’re new to Entrepreneurial Leap or you’ve been engaging and learning with me for a while, click around on the website to check out our new launch and to see what’s new.

I wish you tremendous success on your journey.

Stay focused,