The One Constant in 1,000 Years of Entrepreneurship

Just when you figure it out, the game changes on you!

Welcome to entrepreneurship. You can never sit still. As soon as you dial in your pricing, product, service, delivery method, and marketing, the game changes.

If I can get you to internalize the fundamental premise I’m about to share, it will greatly increase your odds of long-term entrepreneurial success.

Here’s what 1,000 years of entrepreneurship has taught us:

There are two things that will always change, and there are two things that never change.

The two things that will always change are:

  1. Products/services.
    Products and services are ever-changing. 150 years ago, we were selling beaver pelts and buggy whips, and 150 years from now we might be selling human teleportation
    and populating Mars.

  2. Methods of communication.
    Over time, we have communicated by smoke signal, Pony Express, the telegraph, telephone, the fax machine, email, and now social media. In the future, we may communicate by beaming directly into peoples’ brains from the cloud.

The two things that never change are:

  1. People have wants and needs.
  2. People need to be persuaded.

The one constant in these historical facts has been crazy entrepreneurs, with the six essential traits, capitalizing on the things that change and the things that don’t change. If you understand this very powerful and basic premise, you will evolve and endure as a successful entrepreneur for decades.

Another way of saying it is that based on the above facts, statistically, your current product/service is going to change. It could be in 10 years, in three years, or next week, but it’s going to change.

As well as the platform you are using to market, sell, and persuade, your customer is going to change. To the degree you stay on your toes and evolve, you’ll thrive. To do this, you must pay close attention to what your current customer wants and needs right now. And you must adjust your communication
method to their current communication method.

Take a few minutes right now and think about the many products and services you’ve seen come and go and change in your lifetime. Think of the different platforms you’ve used to communicate and connect with people.

Stay focused,